Why do people go Vegan?

There are many factors that result in the decision for a person to go vegan. Social Media has helped accelerate the rise in veganism as vegan activists can reach hundreds of thousands of people in just a few clicks. Follow just a few of the right pages and you will be constantly exposed to new content showing the true reality of the meat, dairy & egg industries.

But it’s not just Social Media – mainstream video streaming platforms such as Netflix are constantly adding new documentaries depicting the effect these industries have on planet Earth & our health. Shows such as Cowspiracy, What The Health & Earthlings (to name just a few!) have convinced many to turn to a vegan lifestyle after a single viewing.

What exactly makes a person want to be Vegan?

Personally I haven’t met many people that made the choice to go Vegan based on a single argument/reason, it’s many contributing factors that have led them to the decision. When my family & I made the switch there were mixed reasons, you can read our story here if you’d like, but here are what I consider to be the main reasons people are going Vegan right now:

  • For the animals

There are many types of Vegan out there eating a variety of diets – some like to eat only Raw whilst others choose to consume large amounts of packaged or processed foods. The latter tend to have made the switch to Veganism out of the love for animals and no longer wish to contribute to some of the cruelty that is involved with breeding, raising and killing them just for the satisfaction of our tastebuds.

  • For the planet

It’s not just something somebody made up, there is real scientific studies to back up the notion that Animal Agriculture is having an adverse affect on the planet. Why? Because of the mass deforestation required for land animal grazing, the amount of water required to raise livestock (a Vegan diet reportedly uses around 3 times less water), livestock waste pollution in our waters (see examples here) & greenhouse gases / CO2 caused by animal agriculture contributing to worrying climate change (read more about that here)

  • For their health

Last but by no means least are the people that decide to try out a Vegan diet to improve their own health. I’ve seen a lot of inspirational comments on social media posts that in all honesty I wished I’d seen a lot sooner! Go on to any Vegan Recipe page, Vegan Activist page or Vegan News page on social media and you will see the floods of inpirational comments from people who have gone Vegan and reduced their suffering from all sorts of ailments, including; Fatigue, Sluggishness, Acne, IBS, Menopause Symptons & even Mental Health issues such as Anxiety & Depression. This isn’t to say going Vegan will instantly cure these things but hearing real stories from real people is a big boost & great indication that it truly is the best thing for our bodies!

And it’s not just minor ailments, a Plant Based Vegan diet is known to reduce the risk of Heart Disease, lower cholesterol and in some cases reverse the effects of Cancer.

Go Vegan – For the animals, for the planet & FOR YOU!

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